Production process - Toilet soap "Perfetto"

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Production process

The company JV SOAPCO Ltd. produces soap under the trade mark Perfetto, taking care of the quality and safety of its constituent components.
Thanks to high-quality of Italian equipment, using top-notch raw materials from Germany, Turkey and India, as well as to European technologies and a specially invited specialist from Europe - all stages of production, from the beginning and until the release of soap, undergo through strict quality control, testing and laboratory tests.
The process of producing soap itself consists of the following stages:
Initially, the future soap undergoes laboratory tests and test analyzes to check the quality and properties of all components, as well as their safety, naturalness and environmental friendliness, since our soap is aimed to a wide variety of audiences.
When the first and most important stage is completed, the necessary components are placed in a special mixer.
It is loaded with soap chips (granules), and for 5-10 minutes the process of grinding is followed, then filtered water, EDTA, HEDP, BHT, titanium dioxide, glycerin, dyes and flavors are added.
All components are thoroughly mixed for 3 to 5 minutes.
Further, all the received mass through the conveyor goes to the plodder. The soap turns into a homogeneous mass in the plodder. Later, when the air is separated, a dense shape is obtained, in the form of a bar.
The resulting bars fall into the cutting machine, where the cutting takes place.
After the bars have passed the cutting process, the soap falls into the press machine. Pieces are pressed and sent to a paper-packing machine.
When the soap is ready, the process of packing begins.
Soap bars are packed and collected in the right amount, wrapped in a plastic bag, which is purchased in India, and all products are packaged in boxes.
As a result, we get a ready-made, tested and first-class product.
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